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for digital solutions

digital-X-solutions transfers digital solutions for productive industrial companies into operative practice.


We realize simple, user-optimized, digital solutions for effective, transparent management of the total value chain.


We implement solutions based on standard software and SAP-integrated, customer-specific solutions.


We support companies to enhance turnover, margin and competiveness by digital innovation off processes, organization, products, services and business model.


Therefor we are using the dXs-Tool-Set und das dXs-Management-System.


Beside the technical side of implementation, we support our clients on the people side of transformation by activation and realization of digital leadership based on the success factors of the internet.




Management System

To identify and develop the specific, target-orientated solutions and to transfer them into operational practice we use our dXs-Tool-Set:


360°-Potential-Analysis based on cause-and-effect relationship We conduct 360°-Potential-Analysis based on cause-and-effect relationship (Current Reality Tree). Based on the Current Reality Tree we identify the potentials for sustainable turnover and margin improvement. Referring to the results we develop the target-system, the future measure-and-effect relationship (Future Reality Tree) and the company-specific transformation roadmap.


Digitale Transformation based on Internet-Principles
The success factors of the internet cross-linked, open, transparent
and agile are our basic-principles to realize digital transformation of processes, organization and product-, service- and business model innovation.


Operations-Management based on DBR- method
The DBR- method (Drum-Buffer-Rope) is a bottleneck – orientated management method, that improves conventional production management by bottleneck management and buffer – logic. It is the basic frame work to develop operations processes, organization and the management of the value chain.


Multi-Project Management based on CCPM-method
The CCPM-method (Critical Chain Project Management) is a bottleneck – orientated management method, that improves conventional Multi-Project-Management by bottleneck management and buffer – logic. It is the basic frame work to develop processes, organization and the management of Multi-Project-Management.


Management of operating figures based on ToC-KPI´s.

In our projects the management and optimization of the value chain follows the operating figures based on ToC-KPI´s. They measure the performance in relation to the agreed targets. Operating figures are related to the output of the value chain and not to singular work station productivity.

  • The output of the value chain, reported as delivered products to customer, is a fundamental operating figure to measure the productivity of a company.

We understand the advantages of digital transformation and cross-link of processes and organizational structures as well as the opportunities of product, services and business model innovation.


We support our clients to enhance turnover, margin and competiveness of their company by realization of innovative solutions and the potential of Industry 4.0.


We demand to solve, as an innovative, competent and reliable partner of our clients the required tasks and realize a sustainable benefit for our customers.

We work result-orientated and prove it by the achievement of our work.


We identify forward-looking scope of digital applications by monitoring the latest technology- and market-innovations and transfer them into the operational field of Project Management, Service-, Operations and Supply Chain Management.


  • Reliable
    We support our clients from the first analysis, up to the successful realization as a target-orientated, reliable and beneficial partner.
  • Operative
    We transfer for our clients the operative solutions into operative practice by following two principles:

    „Hands – on”
    with the executive staff and the key player of our clients we identify the most relevant potentials for turnover and margin improvement and start realizing them from the 1st day. We combine leading- and consultancy-competence, if requested we take over management responsibility as an Interim Manager in executive position.

    „Entrepreneurship“                                                                                                                                       We take over responsibility and share the entrepreneurial risk with our clients by offering a success-based payment where the results of the defined activities are the basis for compensation. In all cases the return on investment pays off in a few months


digital-X-solutions bases their project on the success factors of the internet:


  • Cross-linking
  • Openness
  • Transparency
  • Agility



Cross-linking allows the involvement and participation of an individual person and enables the participation of the relevant people cross-divisional and cross-companies to identify, to develop and to realize new solutions.



Openness enables efficient and effective collaboration to identify new solutions and to realize them cross-divisional and cross-companies.



Transparency enables the identification and prioritisation of the most relevant subjects cross-divisional and cross-companies



Agility assures the flexible adaptation of the approach on variable requirements and frame conditions to assure the efficient and accurately fitting of the developed and realized new solutions.



The target-orientated improvement of the competitiveness and the creation of an enduring benefit for our clients, has for us highest priority.


The success of our projects shows up in the enduring improvement of turnover and margin. We work target-orientated for the sustainable benefit of our customers and prove it by the results of our work.


Based on our long experience in executive positions and change management we know, that every long-lasting success can only be reached by cross-linking and openness to the people of the company. Therefore the “human factor” is on our scope all the time and an important sector of our professional work as well.

dXs Management System assures that our realisation approach is based on a systematic method from the first status evaluation until the complete realization of the target.

Based on the dXs - Management-System we evaluate by an 360°-Potential-Analysis the company, the culture (digital level of maturity) and his environment. We benchmark the status of the company (readiness check) and analyse the potentials on sustainable enhancement of turnover and margin.


We define the current cause-and-effect relationship (Current Reality Tree).


We develop the target system, the future measure-and-effect relationship (Future Reality Tree) and the company-individual digital realization roadmap.


The agile, CCPM-based project management, the operative experience of the dXs Change Manager and the systematic method-based approach by the dXs-Tool-Sets guarantees the successful implementation of the digital roadmap to full fill the agreed targets.


The continuous verification of status and targets assures consistent target achievement and further optimization.